Camel Milk Discovery Set

"Love the texture and the smell is amazing. My skin feels amazing after using your products. I love it!" - Maitreya T.


Camel Milk Discovery Set is the perfect introduction to Cammellatte. It includes:


  • 0.34 fl.oz. Camel Milk Body Butter (our best-seller)
  • 0.34 fl.oz. Camel Milk Body Lotion (perfect moisturizer)
  • 0.34 fl.oz. Camel Milk Hand Cream (for soft smooth hands), 
  • 0.34 fl.oz. Camel Milk Foot Cream (for good looking feet) 
  • and 0.88 oz of our brand new Camel Milk Face & Body Soap (gentle soap to care for your skin) 


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    • VALUES

    Repairs - Camel Milk is high in Lactic Acid which gently sloughs away dead skin cells leaving the skin looking plump and fresh. Vitamin C helps produce collagen supporting natural skin rejuvenation. Aloe Vera helps stimulate healing and may improve the strength and quality of your nails.

    Hydrates - Lanolin in camel milk locks in the moisture, keeping the skin hydrated. Omega Fatty Acids 3,6 & 9 in camel milk have moisturizing qualities and potent antioxidant properties that help slow down aging. 

    Protects - The antioxidant and reparative properties of camel milk's vitamins Vitamin B1 and Vitamin E help defend the skin from premature aging and reduce skin damage caused by UV radiation. Grape Seed Oil protects your skin cells against oxidative stress whilst supporting natural skin rejuvenation. Rich in Omega 6 and 9, Vitamins A and D, Sweet Almond Oil nourishes and softens the skin and gives it a radiant glow. Shea Butter helps maintain skin's elasticity. 

    Paraben Free - Sulfate Free - Phtalate Free - Mineral Oil Free - Formaldehyde Free - Synthetic Fragrance Free - Gluten Free - Cruelty Free

    We care about the quality of the ingredients in our products and their simplicity. We believe in less = more.

    Our camels live on a small family-owned farm that is committed to ethically producing premium camel milk. No hormones are fed to our mothers. Most of their time our camels roam free around the beautiful natural reserve, grazing on native grasses. The milk is gently pasteurized, maintaining its nutritional quality.

    Luxurious, Natural Care for Your Body

    Cammellatte Camel Milk Body Butter features Camel Milk, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil. The rich, creamy formula nourishes, smoothes and revitalizes the skin with a boost of vitamins and minerals. The light, creamy butter melts into the skin, providing incredible softness to the skin and an enriching experience to the senses. 

    To best use this luxurious body butter apply on the whole body after showering to lock in moisture. For increased microcirculation, massage gently into your skin with upward circular motions. A little goes a long way. 

    We also always wanted our natural body care products to have the best smelling scent, a smell that people would look forward to every day. The body butter will leave your skin with a clean, fresh, light, delicious floral smell and a hint of apples.

    Are Your Feet Cracked?

    If you have dry or cracked feet our powerful yet gentle Camel Milk Foot Cream is here to help. Lanolin and Omega Fatty Acids in camel milk create a natural oil barrier on the skin’s surface that instantly boosts moisture levels and help prevent further moisture loss, keeping your feet looking healthy, smooth and crack-free.

    Immune Proteins in camel milk have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and will help protect your feet from infections.

    Tea Tree Oil will cool and relax your feet while calming frazzled nerves and relieving stress and anxiety with its pleasant natural scent.

    Are Your Hands Dry or Itchy?

    Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing can cause dry skin that can flake, itch, crack, and even bleed without proper precautions. Camel Milk Hand Cream helps combat these negative side effects. 

    The rich, creamy formula hydrates, nourishes, and revitalizes dry, sensitive hands with a boost of vitamins and minerals. The light, silky hand cream melts into the skin, leaving your hands softer and smoother.

    Exquisite, Natural Care for Your Skin

    Experience the luxury of essential oils and pure natural ingredients revitalizing your skin with the Camel Milk Body Lotion. This lightweight moisturizer beautifully hydrates and nourishes your skin, leaving it softer, smoother and fresher with every drop. Its soft texture and light powdery smell will enhance the feeling of comfort.

    The body lotion leaves your skin with a fresh, light, fruity floral scent with a hint of sugar, developing creamy notes after awhile.

    Luxury Soap for your Body and Face

    The Camel Milk Soap glides on smoothly and its natural ingredients rehydrate and nourish the skin while showering.

    The Soap is made with real Camel Milk (not powder), Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and other natural ingredients and will gently clean your skin and revitalize it with a boost of vitamins and minerals.

    The gentle formula can be used for your face and your body. The silky soap will leave your skin refreshed and soft. 

    Unique Ingredient - Camel Milk


    • Essential Fatty Acids 3,6 & 9 - hydrating, rejuvenating
    • Vitamin C, Iron, Copper and Zinc - nourishing
    • Anti-Inflammatory Immune Proteins - protecting
    • Lanolin - moisturizing
    • Lactic Acid - exfoliating
    • Phospholipids - protecting and healing

    Purest, Natural Ingredients, and Nothing Else

    Carefully made to our highest standards, Camel Milk Products contain only the highest-quality natural ingredients. We selected the purest essential oils, and the richest Camel Milk to create these ultra nourishing, deeply hydrating products to make your skin feeling and looking beautiful.

    No Harmful Extras to Your Skin or Body

    No parabens. No phtalates. No GMOs. No SLES. No SLS. No other man made chemicals. Just pure, natural ingredients to hydrate, repair and revitalize your most delicate skin.

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