What you put on your skin, ends up inside your body.

Viktoria and Marc struggled with skin problems for years. Their search for solutions led them to discover the amazing power of Camel Milk. Camel Milk has been used in some parts of the world since ancient times to treat many ailments and skin conditions. Camel Milk has a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and proteins which may contribute to strengthening the immune system and suppressing inflammatory processes.

This fact inspired the two founders to create natural skincare products that leverage the unique properties of this incredibly powerful superfood: Camel MilkFinding a reliable source of quality Camel Milk and formulating these products for effectiveness in a lab was a challenge. After extensive research, experimentation and development, they were able to create and offer this all natural line of skincare products that benefits from the amazing properties of Camel Milk. 

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Cammellatte's Founders

Our camels live on a small family-owned farm that is committed to ethically producing premium camel milk. No hormones are fed to our mothers. Most of their time our camels roam free around the beautiful natural reserve, grazing on native grasses.

The milk is gently pasteurised, maintaining its nutritional quality. It is all natural and so are Cammellatte's products.

Cammellatte Founders