Camel Milk Body Butter


Our Camel Milk body butter is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving a soft, long-lasting nourished feeling and the best smelling light natural fragrance. Dry skin feels smoothed and firmed from the rich and nutritious body butter made from Camel Milk. 

Ideal For

Dry and Sensitive Skin

How to use

For best results apply after showering and massage gently into your skin Smooth onto skin as desired. For increased microcirculation, massage onto the body using circular motions.

🌿 the best natural body care products with camel milk, natural skincare free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants, free of raw materials derived from mineral oil

'It's the best smelling, best firming body butter. It's magic for my dry skin! It was like a thick blanket for my skin but easy to massage in and instantly I felt hydrated. This is the best body butter for dry skin. ' - Kristen

Camel Milk Body Butter contains 30% camel milk combined with natural essential oils is the perfect natural body care product to benefit your skin.

RepairsAHA, Lactic Acid and Vitamin C helps exfoliate, smooth the skin and repair damaged skin cells

Hydrates - Omega fatty acids 3,6 & 9 help keep the skin hydrated and intensely nourish for a full 24 hours 

Protects - The antioxidant, reparative, and enlivening properties of Camel Milk's vitamins (Vitamin B1 and Vitamin E) helps defend your skin from premature ageing and helps reduce skin damage caused by UV radiation. Grape Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil protect your skin cells against oxidative stress whilst supporting natural skin rejuvenation to give you a youthful complexion

Made with ❤️ and all natural ingredients 💚 


Camel Milk, Water, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cera Alba, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Fragrance (Essential Oil Blend)

free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants, free of raw materials derived from mineral oil, gluten free

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