Valentine's Day Gifts for Her, Him, & Yourself

How does one express their love with a gift? We all have heard of the basics including flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears, a staple for classic Valentine’s Day gifts. But with everything on the market nowadays, a gift can create a statement, invite new memories to be made, and express unconditional love unlike any other. We’ve compiled a list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts of the season for that someone special. Cupid would be proud to see these gifts being gifted to her, him, or a galentine. 


Travel Blanket ($88)

Make sure your loved one feels warm and comfortable, no matter where they go. The E Marie Ribbed travel blanket is perfect to gift to your traveling partner so that they always feel you are there to cuddle with them. This gift can be more sentimental by adding a small embroidery of your initials to give it that extra bit of personalized touch. 

Forever Bouquet ($85)

Flowers that last forever? Your special someone can understand your undying love for them with this Florabrook Fresh Linen Forever Bouquet. Not only is the combination of flowers stunning and beautiful with gentle accents, but it gives a nice alternative to the basic flower-giving on Valentine’s Day. Instead of throwing away store-bought flowers within a week, this gift can last a lifetime, and be up cycled for home decor and other crafty projects. 

Soy Wax-Blend Candle ($55)

Set the mood for the night with an Apothia Soy Wax-Blend Candle. These candles can burn for up to 60 hours with calming aromatherapy properties, ensuring your partner can feel relaxed and adored. Increase the vibe in the room with some classy music playing in the background and dim lights for a sensual time. 

Gift Basket ($20-$200+)

Can’t decide on one thing? Do you know that your significant other is a foodie? Gift Baskets from A La Carte are a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for friends or partners. Their specialized themed baskets are super fun, from Beer themes for your man to a Movie Night In with the gals. Plus they have options for additional add ons in case you don’t feel like there may be enough already. These gift baskets can last for weeks to come and are also great to share.

Cammellatte Partners & Singles Bundles ($60-$75)

Have your Honey feel like a Queen on Valentine’s Day by gifting her a camel milk body care set, inspired by Queen Cleopatra herself. Not only will she feel soft from head to toe, but you can make it even more romantic by turning it into a massage activity for both of you. Even better, the partner set is for him and her, giving you each a set to keep on your side of the bathroom sink, or even by the bedside. Don’t have that special someone just yet? Show yourself some love with our self-care love single set, perfect for giving your skin some extra love and treating yourself to a self-care night.

Wool Slippers ($95)

Keep your lovers feet warm with a pair of handmade wool slippers from Muffle-Up. The leather soles make them sturdy, just like your relationship! These slippers are also all-natural material, making them breathable and warm without overheating the feet. The quality in these slippers is made for them to last for years after purchasing, so as long as they hold up, so should your love for your partner. 


Silver and Agate wine coasters ($265)

Step up your date night with some silver and agate wine coasters. The agate recents incredible prtues and protects it’s guardian from all dangers. Show her, him, or your friend that you care about them with this classy and elegant addition to the wine nights you have together.


A gua sha and facial oil set ($75)

Treat yourself or your significant other to a gua sha and facial oil set. The oil in this lovely set makes it easier for the gua sha to slide across the skin and helps to drain lymphatics. The beautiful pink color makes it especially suitable for this love-filled holiday.

Home Steel sign ($30)

Home is where the heart is. Gift your lover a customizable state home steel sign to show them appreciation for the home you’ve built with them, and to show your state some love. This gift can be adjusted in tons of ways to make it more personalized, by giving them a state in which you first met, their home state, or your dream state you hope to live in together.


Velvet Pillow Cover ($55)

Give a romantic feel and stylish sensation with a pink velvet pillow cover. Not only is this cover beautiful and comfortable, but it oozes the feel of romance. Add them to the bedroom or the living room sofa for a subtle accent of love, transforming your living space into a charming and dreamy home. A perfect way to say Happy Valentine’s Day.