Why you should adore Fatty Acids for your Skin.

What is the point of Fatty Acids in the skin and our body?

Your skin is what forms a protective layer against the world. It is the barrier between you and elements of dry air, harmful pollutants, UV rays, and other germs. As the largest organ in our body, the skin is made up out of water, proteins, lipids (fats), and other minerals and chemical compositions. For our skin to remain healthy as we age, we must make sure to slow water loss and replenish proteins and fats. 

What are Fatty Acids?

The fats we consume break down into fatty acids, which are either burned for energy or recycled into your body as the fat cells in your skin. The hypodermis is the thickest layer of our skin and is composed of mainly fat-storing cells. It is the main structural support for the skin, keeping it plump and insulating the body from cold and shock absorption. Fatty acids within the skin act as a messenger in helping proteins do their job. If we don’t consume enough fats, either topically or by mouth, our skin can result in serious consequences including dry, scaly, flaky, dull, or bumpy skin, and soft, splitting, or brittle nails. 

Fatty Acids in Camel Milk

Camel Milk has a high content of Linoleic Fatty Acid which makes the skin’s barrier stronger and allows it to effectively keep water and hydration in, and keep irritants out.
It also holds Oleic Fatty Acid, which is the more stable fatty acid and is used to preserve the effectiveness of the products and to protect them from light and air. It is perfect for dry and aging skin, as it makes it easier for active ingredients to penetrate into the skin surface. 
Camel Milk also contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids which help protect against ultraviolet rays, reduce acne, guard against dry, red, or itchy skin, accelerate healing, and reduce the risk of skin cancer. 

Other Fatty Acids in Cammellatte products

  • Grapeseed oil is another ingredient in our products and contains linoleic acid, which is an essential building block of ceramides, one of the skin’s main moisturizing elements, and can reduce acne breakouts. 
  • Sweet almond oil and olive oil contain oleic acid, which is thicker and richer than other oils, benefitting those with, especially dry or aging skin. It aids in improving skin turnover and helps in reducing and reversing sun damage. 
  • Jojoba seed oil is another long-chain fatty acid and has a variety of healing properties in treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and can tackle dryness and wrinkles.  
  • Wheat germ oil has linoleic and oleic fatty acids and acts as an anti-aging agent for the skin.  
  • Macadamia seed oil also contains high levels of beneficial fatty acids especially linoleic and restores the skin’s barrier function by preventing water loss, infiltration of toxins, and environmental skin damage. 
  • Lavender oil has linoleic fatty acids and can reduce acne, minimize inflammation, speed healing, and slow aging. 
By combining all of these miraculous ingredients, Cammellatte products provide the best dose of fatty acids and a wide range of them that can benefit and promote skin health in only the best ways.
Start loving your skin today with the Cammellatte Collection, full of essential fatty acids.