Firming Body Care tips for your pregnancy

Studies have shown that soft, hydrated skin doesn’t tend to develop stretch marks as much as dry skin does. So, it is best to use natural body care products such as body lotion, body butter and creams with ingredients that help hydrate and firm as part of your skincare routine to avoid itchy skin and stretch marks later. 

During pregnancy, it is normal to experience dry or stretched skin with increased sensitivity. In order to sustain your growing baby, moisture is sucked from your skin, since every extra drop is needed to help the baby grow. Not only your belly can start to itch but also your arms and feet.

You shouldn't use anti-itch ointments that contain cortisone or hydrocortisone while you're pregnant as they may get into your blood stream and harm the baby. It is safer to use natural body care products such as body lotion to nurture and moisturize your skin.

One of the things that could be beneficial for avoiding stretch marks is collagen that helps keep your skin strong and elastic. The key trigger to accelerate the production of collagen and elastin is Vitamin C.

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