Antiviral properties of Camel Milk

Anti-Viral Properties of Camel Milk 

Recent events made people more alert towards products which benefit both our health and our skin. 

Cammellatte skincare line is based on the natural power of Camel Milk.

Camel Milk has been heavily researched among nutritionists and health scientists for the amount of antibacterial and antiviral properties it contains. In fact, recent study has proven that Camel Milk offers significant health benefits to its users. (Source: US National Library of Medicine)

The two main active components in Camel Milk are lactoferrin and immunoglobulins, proteins that may give Camel Milk its immune-boosting properties. 

Lactoferrin is especially present in the first milk, or colostrum, in order to protect the baby's low resistance at birth. Studies have shown that lactoferrin supports our immune system and helps protect the body against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and  other potentially harmful microbes.

Lactoferrin has also remarkable anti-aging effects. It activates the metabolism of our skin helping produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Cammellatte uses Camel Milk in its skincare products for its incredible natural properties to help protect your skin. 

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