Top 3 Anti-Aging Tips for Your Hands

We use our hands every day, and the more we use them, the more they become wrinkled and tough.

Here are 3 anti-aging tips for your hands

1. Minimize sun exposure

We might not realize how much our hands are exposed to the sun especially while we are out or driving. The best way is to avoid the exposure, and the easiest and most effective is wearing gloves to protect your hands and arms from the sun damage.

2. Wash your hands

Keep your hands clean. We all know how important it is to wash hands often and use hand sanitizer. Use mild soap that cleans well but does not dry out your hands. If you need to use hand sanitizer, make sure that you moisturize afterwards


3. Moisturize

It’s equally important to moisturize the skin. The more we wash our hands the more our skin becomes dry. Dry skin is susceptible to infections as microbes can enter through small wounds or cracks.

The best moisturizing hand creams are those with a thick texture and no ingredients that might further irritate the skin. Moisturizing creams work by locking in existing moisture, so it’s ideal to apply them directly after washing hands and at bedtime after a shower or bath. 

It is important now more than ever to keep your hands in good condition. 

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