All Hands Love Camel Milk Hand Cream

The Camel Milk Hand Cream is turning out to be a hero hand cream for many different hand needs and skin issues. Weak nails, broken cuticles, chapped and dry hands, rashes, and more, all disappeared within a few applications. Made to suit different lifestyles from personal training to manicure lovers, Camel Milk Hand Cream restores moisture levels and helps heal even the driest hands. 

Karlene Malcolms story

Karlene is a mother and personal trainer who suffers from dry, cracked hands during the winter season. From cleaning up after her babies, to helping others train their bodies in the gym, her hands are always busy and working. She was introduced to Camel Milk Hand Cream and instantly fell in love. With all-natural ingredients and effective formulation, she felt safe using this hand cream around her kids and saw her hands improve in just a matter of a few applications. 
“I’m always using my hands and this product has SAVED MY LIFE!” -@karlene_malcolm

Sarah's Story

Sarah is an avid nail lover and manicure influencer. She is always trying new nail colors and sharing them with her friends and fans. Her secret to beautiful-looking nails every time? “Hydrated and healthy hands for a good base.” With her love for goat milk lotion, she decided to venture out and try the Camel Milk Hand Cream and she was impressed with the results. Softer hands, stronger nails and cuticles, and even her burns healing quickly. 
“I have consistently been using these products and I have seen such a difference in the appearance of my hands, in the health of my cuticles, and the strength of my nails!” -@vino_and_varnish 
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Founder Viktoria’s Son’s Story

Co-Founder of Cammellatte Viktoria’s son has issues with eczema on his hands. He faces broken skin and rashes that really affect his hand’s skin and leave painful wounds. After using Camel Milk Hand Cream for about 5 days, the improvement was evident. His hands had healed nicely and were much less irritated due to the natural and gentle ingredients in Camel Milk Hand Cream. 
During the winter, it’s even more important than normal to keep your hands hydrated in order to avoid painfully dry hands. The cold can take moisture out of our skin and leave the skin weak and susceptible to further damage. The Camel Milk Hand Cream can work quickly but gently to counteract cold winter skin and leave your hands feeling soft and healthy. 
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