Why You SHOULD Replace Your Face Wash With Bar Soap

You might think that you should be washing your face just the same as how you wash the rest of your body. Splash some water on it, soap it up, rub it until it's clean, and rinse again. Truthfully, it really is that simple, but the soap you may be using on your face is what really matters. Bar soap tends to get a bad reputation for being unhygienic, holding onto bacteria, and leaving a squeaky feeling behind. But other cleansers aren’t as effective as you may think, because it’s much easier to hide certain ingredients in a bottle. The skin on your face is one of the most sensitive parts of skin on your body, so taking that extra bit of care to look at what you may be putting on it is vital for its health. 

Why You SHOULD Replace Your Face Wash With Bar Soap



Your skin’s natural barrier is made up of healthy oils, ceramides, and fatty acids which keep it strong, elastic, and performing its function. Harsh soaps can weaken your skin’s natural barrier because they over-cleanse the skin. Over-cleansed skin can lose all of these essential oils that keep your skin strong. This gives other stressors, like UV rays and pollution, a better chance to damage your skin’s barrier even further, resulting in signs of aging and discoloration. Bar soap has the ability to help restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier by being a gentle cleanser for the face. A bar soap can remove grime and dirt, but still leave those healthy skin oils in place so that the skin is able to perform properly and maintain its integrity. 


Most face cleanser's base is made up of water, which in turn requires preservatives to keep all the components active. Preservatives, sulfates, and other drying ingredients are easily found in these face washes and can be really damaging not only to your skin, but also your health. Bar soap on the other hand is typically made up of a shorter list of ingredients, with a base of Glycerin, an excellent humectant that can draw moisture to the skin. Due to the Glycerin base and the solid form of bar soap, preservatives aren’t as heavily required to keep the ingredients active. It can also be quite easy to find hypoallergenic soaps, which can work well for a variety of skin types. 


A typical face wash has a main purpose to cleanse your skin, which can leave it dry and weak afterwards, requiring you to follow up with a moisturizer. Bar soaps are made up of oils and butters which cleanse and then moisturize your skin. Commonly found in a ton of generic face washes is micro exfoliating beads, aimed to make you think that your skin is getting a thorough clean. These micro-beads can harm the skin and cause micro-tears, leaving it more susceptible to damage from ingredients lurking in these face washes. Bar soaps can exfoliate your skin by gently removing dirt from your pores, and replacing the dirt with other healthy oils that will leave the skin feeling elastic and soft. 

Cammellatte Face & Body Soap

Camel Milk Face & Body Soap is the perfect all-natural soap to use on your all-over body and face. The Face & Body soap contains high amounts of Glycerin and Avocado Oil, which are excellent humectants, meaning that they can penetrate your skin deeply and keep it hydrated for a long time. Coconut Oil on the other hand is a very good occlusant, which works to seal moisture into the skin. Lactic Acid in Camel Milk helps gently exfoliate the surface of your skin. 
Cammellatte Camel Milk Soap removes face makeup, dirt, and excess oil, providing a hydrated, soft, and non-greasy feel. This is key for oily skin because if it becomes dried out or dehydrated, it'll end up producing even MORE oil, which can lead to breakouts and a weakened skin barrier. 
The results? Skin that's clean (but not squeaky) and instantly soft and smooth too.
It's the perfect natural cleansing solution for your face.
“I am definitely NOT a bar soap user because of the way it dries out the skin, but Cammellatte as formulated this camel milk into a creamy rich bar of silky soft, nourishing ingredients that I will use from now on. My skin is not dry, it feels and looks absolutely healthier. I've only been using the bars now for a month, and have been getting numerous compliments from my co-workers and friends about how good my skin has been looking. I'm sold!! I will continue to use Cammellatte's Camel Milk Face & Body Bar as long as possible as part of my daily facial routine.” 
-Yvonne P. 
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