Why LESS is MORE: The Benefits of Skinimalism

Have you ever felt the pressure to purchase into every latest skincare trend? With each passing week, we can’t seem to escape the launch of a new product that you just have to buy. We constantly hear, “you need this for glowing skin,” “this product changed my complexion,” and tons more claims. In the end, you’re stacking on tens of products on your skin, equalling hundreds of different ingredients, and not allowing the active ones to do their magic. Instead, finding the essentials for your skin and sticking to them is going to give you the outcome you most desire. This is where skinimalism comes in. 

What is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism comes from the words “skin” and “minimalist,” a growing beauty trend where people are realizing that simplifying their skincare routine can most transform their skin. The idea of “less is more” is what inspires this trend, but also “more is less.” “Less is more” has shown us that cutting back on products and the number of ingredients can give your skin the chance to adjust and intake all the beneficial ingredients. When we think of “more is less,” this means the more products and ingredients you are putting on your skin, the less likely each can take the time to work, especially when fighting with other ingredients and constantly being switched out. Instead of aiming to have trendy products, aim to find the ones that can work for you, with the proper ingredients. 

3 Benefits of Skinimalism

Cost-Effective & Low Maintenance

Your bank account will thank you when you switch to a skinimalist approach. You won’t be purchasing a different product for each skin problem, and instead will be finding those with active ingredients that target a number of concerns. This ties in with the low maintenance aspect, where you won’t need to be repurchasing or purchasing a new product every week. Find your favorite products and refill on those essentials once they run out. 

Better Effect From Active Ingredients

When the number of ingredients you’re putting on your skin increases, the chance the active ingredients can work lessens drastically. The fewer the ingredients, the better they can work on your skin. If you’re using products with minimal ingredients, you’re also less likely to come across some that may cause irritation to your skin, though it’s still important to check for natural ingredients. 

No Room For Fillers, Harsh Preservatives, or Useless Ingredients

A skinimalist product will leave out fillers, harsh preservatives, or useless ingredients. A few key ingredients are all a product truly needs to work effectively for your skin. Yet many companies load up their products with fillers and useless ingredients to profit for themselves. Fillers and harsh preservatives also worsen the quality of the beneficial ingredients, counteracting the effects in the end. 

How Cammellatte Mastered Skinimalism

At Cammellatte, we’ve always believed in less is more. Our formulations consist of only active ingredients that focus on vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fatty acids our skin barrier needs to function properly. While our products only consist of minimal ingredients, each one has a role in benefiting the skin. Instead of fillers, we use the perfect amount of camel milk to guarantee that you will feel every function it has to offer. That includes the high amount of vitamin C to aid in plumping the skin, the lanolin to deeply nourish, the AHAs to gentle exfoliate, and many more. If you’ve thought of trying a new skinimalist routine, feel confident in starting with Cammellatte.