Vegetable Glycerin | A Savior For Hair & Skin

Take a peek at your soaps and lotions ingredients' labels and you’re more than likely to find glycerin on the label. While some may think of food when they hear vegetable glycerin, it’s actually a popular ingredient in many beauty and household products. It wouldn’t be uncommon for you to probably already be using it in many of your products. Due to its humectant properties, its been loved as a moisturizing agent for the skin and the hair. 

What is Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin is derived from plants such as soy, palms, coconuts, corn, and others. This water-soluble sugar alcohol is so popularly used in beauty products because it is a humectant. This means it pulls moisture from the environment around it and draws it into the deep layers of the skin and hair, improving the skin barrier and hair function. It’s easily absorbed into the skin and hair, giving other ingredients the ability to fully absorb as well. 

Vegetable Glycerin for the Hair

Vegetable glycerine's ability to attract and hold in water makes it a savior for the scalp and hair follicles. The barrier it creates can keep and prevent the moisture from leaving the hair and the scalp, keeping it nourished for longer periods of time. With the scalp being hydrated, dandruff can be seen to decrease and the antimicrobial properties can help in easing the itchiness. Oiliness in the scalp can also be controlled because sebum is regulated with moisture levels increasing. Hair growth can be seen as the scalp's health is improved and the strength of the hair improves as well. Those who have thick and coarse hair can also benefit by the use of vegetable glycerin. 

Vegetable Glycerin for the Skin

Vegetable glycerin effectively draws and holds in moisture into the skin, helping the skin barrier function properly. With a healthy skin barrier, transepidermal moisture loss isn’t as much of an issue and the body is protected from other environmental factors. Vegetable glycerin is sensitive skin friendly as it can soothe irritated skin, including skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. As vegetable glycerin can help keep the skin full of moisture, it has anti-aging benefits that can prevent the skin from sagging and fine lines from forming. The compound of vegetable glycerin is oil free meaning it won’t clog your pores, and can reduce acne breakouts from occurring. 

Vegetable Glycerin in Cammellatte

The Camel Milk Face & Body Soap is high in vegetable glycerin. The special formula includes camel milk, vegetable glycerin and natural essential oils and was made to be used on your face, hair, and all over your body.
Vegetable Glycerin and Avocado Oil are excellent humectants, meaning that they can penetrate your skin deeply and keep it hydrated for a longer periods of time. Coconut Oil on the other hand is a very good occlusant, which works to seal moisture into the skin. 
Cammellatte Camel Milk Soap removes face makeup, dirt, and excess oil, gently peels away dead skin, providing a hydrated, soft and non-greasy feel. It's the perfect natural cleansing solution for your face.
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