What Makes a Product a Skincare "Essential"?

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We’re told day to day that we “need” to have so-and-so product in our routine, that it’s a staple and no routine is complete without it. There are some skincare products that you may truly need for your routine, and others that are essentially pointless. But what skincare product is really an “essential” and how can you narrow it down?

The Definition of an Essential in Skincare

An essential in general terms is something that is absolutely necessary, it’s fundamental, or it’s a requirement to have. When looking at it from a skincare point of view, an essential is something that your skin cannot do without, something your skin most definitely needs, or something your skin depends on fully. We don’t give our skin as much credit as it deserves, because it can thrive off only a few vital products to keep it healthy and at its best. As you age, these essentials become even more of a necessity to have in your skincare routine, and can’t be overlooked. But always make sure that you do not sacrifice the quality of your essentials, and always check the label to verify the ingredients are safe and not working counterintuitively. 

1. Moisturizers

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 Everyone needs a good moisturizer. Dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, you all need it. Moisturizers can protect your skin, acting as a barrier from harmful pollutants and dry air. Using a moisturizer can repair and nourish your skin, leaving it feeling softer, tighter, and even help against breakouts. For the daytime, it’s best to apply a light lotion to refresh and awaken your skin, while at nighttime, it’s recommended to apply a richer, thicker cream to provide replenishment to your skin and let you wake up feeling hydrated. 

2. Exfoliant

Your skin cells are in a constant cycle of dying and renewing, and you have to make sure you are removing the old dead cells to make room for the beautiful new skin cells. When you exfoliate regularly in your routine, you can experience minimized and clear pores, evened skin tone, smooth skin. AHA’s exfoliants are some of the most gentle and effective exfoliants that you can use on your skin to speed up the process of new skin production. In general, you should exfoliate twice every week, but sometimes more if you are more prone to clogged pores. 

3. Serum

Serums are the perfect product to have in your routine to target certain things that you may want to improve on. Whether it be your pores size, texture, skin elasticity, there’s a serum you can find for it. Filled with active ingredients, you can find serums packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and other endless options. Serums are great because you can also stack them up if you are targeting more than one concern, or use it independently to your liking. 

4. Sun Protectant

This is one that simply can’t be overlooked. Protecting your skin is one of the top priorities you should have when going through your skincare routine. UV rays can damage your skin in more ways than one, aging your skin early on, causing dark spots, textured skin, and puts you at a risk for skin cancer. To keep your skin looking and performing at its best, especially as you age, you must apply an SPF whenever you are out in the sun, and protect your face with a hat or shade when you can. 

How can Cammellatte be an Essential?

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Our camel milk moisturizers make an ideal part of a daily body care routine. The natural ingredients formulated with powerful camel milk help protect, repair, and nourish your skin. Camel milk works in more ways than one, acting as an exfoliant with its high concentration of AHA’s, and as a serum with its abundance of Vitamin C, other vitamins, and minerals. If you have dryer skin, you will benefit most from using our rich Camel Milk Body Butter, which will hydrate your skin for longer periods of time. If you have oily or combination skin, we recommend trying our Camel Milk Body Lotion, which is a lightweight formula and refreshes the skin. Not only do our products moisturize effectively, but they can help relieve sun damage, signs of aging, and support the functionality of the skin. And you won’t have to worry about checking the label with us, as we never use any harmful ingredients and are always cruelty-free.