What Causes & How to Treat: Dry, Aching Feet with Foot Odor

You’ve been having issues with your feet. They smell funky, are super dry, have hard calluses, cracked heals, and weak nails. You’ve been searching and searching for a solution. Forget the countless pedicures, harmful creams, and feet files. 

What causes dry, sore, and smelly feet?

The average person will take around 7,500 steps in a day, with an average of around 1,300 miles in a year. That’s a lot of walking. Our feet, as a result, can experience tired, achy sensations from all the work we make them do. The blood circulation to the feet is one of the biggest impacts on our feet. The difficulty of the blood to travel up from the feet and to the heart can cause blood to pool in our feet, which makes them feel heavy. After dragging our feet around all day, our feet will feel fatigued. 

Dry skin on our feet is more common than any other body part experiencing dryness. This is due to the lack of oil glands on our feet, specifically the soles of our feet. Our feet also experience the most wear and tear, simply because we use them every day, and they support the rest of our body. The shoes you wear can impact your feet with the friction caused between them rubbing on your skin. Age is another factor that can increase your feet dryness, since, over time, it loses its ability to retain moisture, and becomes thinner. 

Having smelly feet is a year-round problem for many. The main cause of this issue is the lack of allowing your feet to properly breathe, with air circulation. Our feet are crammed into shoes whenever we go outdoors. Within our feet, there are thousands of sweat glands constantly producing sweat, and sitting in our shoes. When we don’t give our feet the chance to breathe, this can cause that stinky odor you may be familiar with. Athlete’s foot causes a fungal buildup on the feet, also resulting in a stench if not cared for. 

How can I fix my problems with my feet?

There are many changes that you can make to see a significant change in your feet’s appearance and health. Solutions can start with a lifestyle change to adding a new product into your foot care routine. Changing your shoes out regularly can help with odor while finding the right material can help your feet with the proper air circulation they need. A nightly foot massage can help with circulation and easing aches from a long day of using your feet. Soaking your feet in lukewarm water will release and loosen old dead skin on your feet and make room for new soft ones to grow in. But the best solution of all is treating your feet with the right care, hydration, and repairing ingredients. 

How does Camel Milk Foot Cream work for my feet?

The Cammellatte Foot Cream is specially formulated to treat your feet conditions that start with dryness and end with a bad smell. Each foot cream comes carefully packaged and sealed for your safety. The perfectly sized bottle can be taken wherever you go, and the applicator allows for an ideal amount of cream. All of the ingredients in our foot cream are natural and never tested on animals. The light fragrance (tea tree oil) will leave a beautifully refreshing scent on your feet. The consistency of the foot cream is thick but lightweight and it is fast absorbed into the feet, with no greasy or slippery feeling left behind. 

Immune Proteins in our hero ingredient Camel Milk have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and will help protect and fight off infections from your feet. Lanolin and Omega Fatty Acids in camel milk create a natural oil barrier on the skin’s surface that instantly boosts moisture levels and helps prevent further moisture loss, keeping your feet looking healthy, smooth, and crack-free. Alpha hydroxy acids in camel milk naturally exfoliate old skin cells, leaving room for new beautiful skin to grow in. 

Tea Tree Oil will cool and relax your feet while calming your anxious nerves and relieving stress with its pleasant natural scent. Fighting off fungus, tea tree oil can help relieve smelly feet.

Calendula Flower Oil soothes and repairs any open cracks on your dry heels, leaving them silky soft, and replenished. 

Aloe Vera helps stimulate healing and may improve the strength and quality of your toenails. Its nourishing and moisturizing properties allow it to deeply hydrate the nails and keep them healthy.

Along with other healthy ingredients camel milk foot cream works at the core of your feet’s problems. After just a few uses you will see outstanding and long-lasting results. Say no more to dry, thirsty and smelly feet, and a warm welcome to soft and silky, beautiful smelling feet with the camel milk foot cream.