Cammellatte CARES

Cammellatte CARES. We care about you, our planet, and the animals. We care about bringing you the safest and most effective ingredients, and about caring for the planet in the process. We care about making sure you feel safe, and so do the animals. We care about making a change in the world, and not with just our products. 


For the few years we have been operating, Cammellatte has made sure to care and show our appreciation to our beautiful earth we all call our home. Although our impact may be small compared to others, we believe it is so important to honor and love our planet for allowing us to follow our dreams and create our very own skincare line. 

100% Cruelty-Free

We always respect the animals that help us create our products and treat them just as we would a family member. We never have, never will, and won’t support any type of animal cruelty, whether it comes from farming, testing, or anything in between. Animals need our protection and support, and we can never be cruel to them for everything they have done for us. 

NEVER harmful ingredients

For years we have spent our time researching and experimenting with different ingredients. But never have we thought of including something toxic or harmful in products you will put on your skin. Our founders struggled themselves with finding products they felt comfortable using on their own children. We believe that everything you put on your body then goes inside of you. You will never have to stress about harming yourself or your loved ones with harmful ingredients inside of our products. 

Sustainable Farming Practices

We never take more than we need. Camel’s have a special way of producing milk, only when they need it for their young, and in small quantities. But we only take what we need for our products, and only after the young have been fed first. We want to support the growth and health of all our new family members, animals included. 

We are always working towards making our operations and our practices as sustainable and safe as possible, for everyone involved. Small steps taken now, will be big leaps in the future. We invite you to work with us in making this world a better place, baby steps at a time.