The Connection Between Scent and Attraction

Take a deep breath you smell that? That rich aroma is engulfing your senses. People around you are drawn to you because of your smell. Men and women are each attracted to different scents, guiding us towards our decisions in partners and friends. Just as scents can be attached to memories, scent can also be linked to our feelings and attractions. Scientific evidence has even shown that people are depicted to be more or less attractive, simply based on how they smell. The connection between scent and attraction goes much farther than you may think. 

The Relation Between Scent & Attraction

The sense of smell is attached to our limbic system, or “emotional brain.” This part of our brain is what stores and connects certain smells to memories. As humans, we are able to feel certain emotions through a particular scent. In the same manner, it is believed that scent and attraction also work together through that sense. People unconsciously view another person’s health by the way they smell, where how you smell can hold clues to your overall health. Typically, a good smell is linked to a healthy and hygienic individual. Not only can a nice scent make you smell good, but it can also make you FEEL good. In hand, this will boost your own self-confidence, allowing you to carry yourself in a positive poise, and make you appear more attractive. 

Scents That Men Find Attractive

While this can vary from culture to personal preference and memories, there are a few key fragrances that men are more drawn to. Floral and citrus notes are the preferred scents, with many men claiming that they find themselves more attracted to those who wear these sorts of fragrances. Rose is a loved one, just as Cleopatra used to wear. Fresh scents are also favored as a lot of men prefer lighter fragrances. 

Scents That Women Find Attractive

Similar to how men find certain scents attractive based on personal identities, it also depends partially on the background of a woman to decide which scents are attractive to her. The most recognized scents that men wear are those with woody notes or a scent of muskiness. Notes of vanilla and leather are some of the most favored. But smelling good, in general, is attractive to most females, where some women rank how a guy smells as one of the more deciding factors in their attractiveness or feelings towards them. 

The Scents Behind Cammellatte

My husband loves it...” 
“The scent is oh so soft it drives my husband crazy, he can't keep his hands off me...”
“Husband walks in, "What smells amazing?" With that look in his eye…” 
These are just a few of the comments we received on our Camel Milk Body Butter, favored for its delectable natural fragrance. Our top layer gives off a fresh, crisp fruity - floral fragrance. Once you allow the product to sink into the skin, it leaves behind earthy, woody tones. The scent is stronger than our other products, replacing a perfume for many. The Camel Milk Face & Body Soap has this same fragrance, a perfect product to pair with the Body Butter as you can layer them for an even longer-lasting fragrance. 
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If you or your loved ones prefer a lighter fragrance, our Camel Milk Body Lotion gives off a much lighter, fruity creamy scent, with the top layers smelling fruity with a litchi note, developing into a tender creamy sweet scent coming through once settled into the skin. The natural fragrance is a perfect everyday scent that is fresh and light.