How Are Your Always Changing Hormones Affecting Your Skin?

“My mother is 63 years old and has been experiencing menopausal changes for the last 10 years. She has been going through hot flashes, sleepless nights, and changing moods. She has been complaining about very dry skin, especially on her legs and arms. She always took care of her skin but since the start of her menopause, she makes sure to moisturize her skin diligently. Before going to bed she uses Camel Milk Body Lotion or Body Butter, every single day without exception. She also applies the Camel Milk Foot Cream to relax and soothe her feet after a busy day. Throughout the day she uses Camel Milk Hand Cream to ease the negative effects of frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing. My mother works as a hospital nurse and this has made a big difference on her hands”, tells Viktoria, founder of Cammellatte, about her mother. 

At every stage in our life, we are dealing with the hormones disrupting our daily routine, from stress situations to monthly cycles to menopause. Which hormones are affecting our skin and how can we help the skin to recover? 

Which hormones affect your skin?

Within your body, there are two main hormones that can have an impact on your skin’s performance, appearance, and feel. Testosterone and estrogen levels can fluctuate in your body through times of change, including pregnancy, aging, your cycle, and even stress. Estrogen is not only a female hormone and plays a major role in the health of our skin by increasing collagen production, supporting the thickness and elasticity of the skin, skin moisture levels, healing, and improving the skin’s barrier functions. Testosterone contributes to the thickness of the skin, oiliness, and signs of aging within our skin cells. Your hormones are connected to your sebaceous glands, which release a healthy skin oil called sebum. The amount of sebum released in your skin is controlled by your hormones and changes your overall skin’s health.

How does hormone change affect your skin?

When estrogen levels drop in your skin, you are more likely to experience a breakout of acne, especially as a woman. Having too little estrogen in your skin will as a result lead to your sebaceous glands overproducing oil, and clogging your pores. An increase in testosterone level can also lead to a breakout of acne, as your sebaceous glands will be releasing too much sebum, leaving your skin to be oily.  

When can hormone change occur?

Your hormones can change during an aging process, your body changing, or though stress levels fluctuating. During menopause, a woman’s body produces less estrogen, leading to dry skin, and even eczema in some cases. As estrogen decreases through menopause, the skin can lose its thickness, allowing for wrinkles and fine lines to make their way onto your skin. During a woman’s pregnancy, her hormones are completely thrown out of proportion, with estrogen overproducing, making the skin more pigmented. When you are under a lot of stress, pressure, or even experiencing anxiety, adrenaline and cortisol are released into your bloodstream, acting as stress hormones. In some cases, it can trigger flare-ups, skin conditions, and in most cases increases oil production leading to your skin breaking out. 

How can I help my skin when my hormones are changing?

What you put on your skin is more important than ever if you are experiencing a change in your hormones. Most common skincare products contain harmful ingredients including phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and formaldehyde. These can all act as hormone disruptors, setting off your hormone levels even more. Avoid products with these ingredients as they can be additionally damaging to your skin. Lay your head down and catch up on all the lost sleep! Not only can getting a full night of rest to reduce your stress levels but it can also help reduce cortisol in your skin, fighting off inflammation. 

How Cammellatte can work to help your hormonal skin?

Cammellatte products are tailored for changing hormonal skin. Ingredients like tea tree oil, green tea oil, and fatty acids help reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, strengthen the skin's barrier, hold in moisture, improve the skin's thickness, and plenty more. Camel milk is abundant in alpha-hydroxy acids which are great to help stop pores from clogging as they gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Cammellatte products work gently at the core of your skin's problem to bring you back your youthful glow. Never containing harmful additives such as the ones previously listed, and more, Cammellatte products can benefit your skin through any hormonal change you may be going through.