3 Dangers of Walking Barefoot: At Home or Outside

Your Feet

Your feet are what carry the rest of your body day-to-day. Within your feet, there are 26 bones, and a similar skin structure to other parts of your body. Because your feet are taking in all the pressure from the weight of your body, the skin is thicker to absorb the strain. The soles of your feet absorb the most pressure, leading to the thickness of the skin you may typically see becoming callouses. Your feet are the body part that also sweats the most compared to other parts of your body, with 250,000 sweat glands resulting in up to 8 ounces of sweat daily. The feet speak so much more than you may think, where they can detect certain conditions such as diabetes and deficiencies, displaying them through dryness, peeling, chapping, and inflammation. On average, 8/10 of normal adults will face some type of foot issue within their lives. 

After cramming your feet in shoes all day, it’s normal to want to relax with your shoes off and allow them to breathe by going barefoot. Even participating in activities barefoot such as yoga shouldn’t be a worry. But the underlying dangers of walking barefoot may convince you to protect them more than before, and possibly make some changes to your environment. 

3 Dangers of Walking Barefoot

1.You are more prone to foot fungal infections

Walking barefoot can be increasingly dangerous depending on the environment you are in. You can expose yourself to an athlete’s foot, hookworm, toenail fungus, calluses, and tons of other bacteria that can infect your feet. Some of these infections may start by infecting just the skin between your toes but can progress and spread to infecting the nails, leaving your feet with unpleasant odors. This is especially dangerous if you are walking barefoot in a shared environment with other people or walking barefoot outside, as this is how bacteria can spread from one to another. If you have pets, think about the bacteria they can be spreading from the outdoors and into your house, leading to your feet when you walk across the floor. Foot warts can be transferred from one infected surface to your feet. 

2. You may be altering your foot’s shape

When you are walking barefoot, especially on hard surfaces, your foot’s shape can slowly start to transform and change into a less supportive shape. When you walk, your feet naturally absorb shock and distribute the weight. Walking barefoot can lead to your feet excessively distributing the weight and shock to a certain part of the foot, resulting in a collapse of its natural arch and shape. Flat feet is a condition that affects 2 million people worldwide and is challenging to reverse. Not only can this issue end up hurting your feet in the long run, but it can also have an impact on your posture, knees, and even back pain. 

3. You are putting yourself at risk for injury

Your feet have some of the thickest skin on the body in order to protect your precious transportation body parts. Stubbing a toe, stepping on something sharp, or even walking on a leggo can all lead to problems with mobility for weeks at a time. You use your feet more than any part of your body, and may not notice how important they are to you until you can no longer use them efficiently. Even a silly little stubbed toe can lead to a tendon injury, dislocation, and even a ligament sprain. 

Cammellatte Foot Cream Reverses These Issues

Cammellatte Foot Cream works to help reverse any of the issues stated above if you end up coming across them. Geranium and tea tree oil in the foot cream has antimicrobial properties, allowing them to kill bacteria that may have come onto your foot. Calendula flower oil speeds up the healing process, helping you get back on your feet in case you accidentally brought some damage to them. The feel of the foot cream is thick and melts into the feet, working best with gentle massages, loosening the strain in your feet from walking barefoot. The non-greasy effects make this foot cream perfect for yoga enthusiasts who want to keep hydrated without slipping all over their mats during a barefoot yoga session. The blend of oils and camel milk makes this product perfect to treat and care for feet, especially ones that enjoy being barefoot.