Cammellatte Camel Milk Hand Cream is Diva Approved

Take a listen to what our Canadian friend, Nathalie the beauty diva, had to say about Cammellatte hand cream. In her recent video, Top 5 Favorites: Drugstore Makeup, Fashion Accessories & Lifestyle, Women over 50, Nathalie shares her thoughts about her first try at the magic of camel milk hand cream. Nathalie describes the ancient use of camel milk and its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

After trying the Cammellatte hand cream, Nathalie decided to opt-out of her typical use of the O’Keefe working hands, hand cream, which she had been using for several years. Since needing to frequently wash her hands and keep sanitized, Nathalie’s hands have been super dry, and she is constantly moisturizing. With the use of the Cammellatte hand cream, her hands have been left feeling soft and silky, and she believes it’s well worth every penny. We are proud to announce that the Cammellatte hand cream has earned its Diva Approved endorsement from Nathalie!

If your hands are dry, take some time to treat them to the Camel Milk Hand Cream. The hand cream is created specifically for needy skin, with high amounts of Shea Butter, 25% camel milk, and eight natural oils that benefit the skin in various ways. Not only does it moisturize effectively, but it also helps to protect hands from aging, dryness, and nail brittleness. The properties of each ingredient work in harmonization to provide the absolute best hydration and nourishment for busy hands. To use, slowly massage a dime-sized amount of hand cream into your hands, nails, and cuticles, every day, for soft and nourished skin. The hand cream is light and will absorb quickly into the skin, leaving you with the silkiest and softest hands. Many have been impressed so far, and we guarantee you will be too.

Check out our hand cream and you won't be disappointed!

Click link to her full video here