Is Camel Milk The Best New Ingredient In Natural Body Care Products?

Follow our founder’s journey in developing the best natural body care products from Camel Milk, and the various benefits of Camel Milk in health and beauty. 

Our founder, Marc, chats with former beauty editor, Amber Milt, on her podcast Art Beauty. This podcast follows Amber in her quest to tell the REAL TRUTH about the fake sh-t. Marc talks about camel milk, not only as the best skincare ingredient but also about its miraculous benefits by consumption. As Marc had stated, the consumption of camel milk has shown improvements in areas of diabetes, autism, and as an anti-inflammatory for infectious diseases, among many other medical properties.

Marc also shares with Amber the composition of Camel Milk, and exactly WHY it’s such an amazing and effective ingredient for the skin. He points out the high vitamin c content levels, as well as lactoferrin, and alpha-hydroxy acids, which are all essential for good skincare. Marc goes further to describe how Camel Milk has been seen as effective for skin treatments, including psoriasis and eczema. He also discusses the ancient background of Camel Milk and its popularity in the Middle East and with Cleopatra’s bathing ritual. 

In this episode, you will hear about the in-depth journey and discovery of Camel Milk that Marc and Vika had gone through to bring them to the best natural body care products of Cammellatte. It all started when Marc and Vika had a taste of Camel Milk for themselves, which was when they initially fell in love with the effects of Camel Milk on the body. Marc had noticed a decrease in his stress levels, and they both ultimately felt better and healthier. This led them to test out more effects from Camel Milk, especially when their child had faced problems with dry skin, and they wanted to find a solution so urgently, that was not harmful. Marc and Vika created a Camel Milk cream, that instantly showed improvements for their child, and further led them to experiment and develop the Cammellatte skincare line. This story is truly an inspiration, and we are thankful to Amber for having Marc as the special guest on her show and allowing us to share about the wonders of the best natural body care products made from Camel Milk, Cammellatte.

As Amber says, “If it’s good enough for Cleopatra, I’d say it’s good enough for all of us, isn’t it?”

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