5 Vital Skincare Tips For Older Women

What happens to our skin as we age?

As your body ages, hormone levels can change and drop, resulting in your body goes through some drastic changes as well. Your skin can experience major differences in its feel, appearance, and sensitivity.  When a woman goes through menopause or reaches the years past 50, the skin can show signs of deterioration. 

The skin starts to lose its ability to retain moisture, resulting in dryness, sensitivity, or a flat look to the skin. The texture will be more prominent, and the skin will lose its thickness, making its now thin layer more susceptible to breakouts that you may have not experienced in your earlier years. Elasticity in the skin will diminish, causing more distinct signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen in this skin is depleted, causing the glowing, plump skin to become weak and dull. 

Your skincare routine should make a change at this time, to account for all the lost nutrients and diminishing moisture levels. Applying these following tips can help you better care for your skin during this time of change.

5 Vital Skincare Tips for Mature Skin

#1 Protect your skin from the sun with SPF.

 When your skin ages, signs of sun damage are more prone to appear on the skin. Age spots, darker skin, wrinkles, and even skin cancer can creep their way onto your skin if you don’t take proper measures to protect it. Protect your skin with an SPF of 30 or higher, whenever you go out in the sun, and reapply as needed. Wearing clothes that don’t expose your skin can also play a big role in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Doing this will help fade age spots you may have already had, and protect your skin from any further unsatisfying changes.  

#2 Wash with a mild cleanser instead of a harsh soap.

 For older skin, soaps filled with chemicals and processed ingredients can cause the skin to dry out even further. A soap that may have worked for you for years, will now not be healthy for your skin. Irritating ingredients in traditional soaps can cause rashes, dryness, and acne. Creamy body washes can perform better by providing your skin extra moisture that it needs. Check any product label and avoid strong fragrances, sulfates, and parabens that are not friendly to sensitive skin.

#3 Exfoliate your skin regularly in your routine.

 The topmost layer of your skin is typically dead skin and is harder to shed off as your body ages. Our skin’s prior natural exfoliation process can tremendously slow in time and result in dryness, itching, clogged pores, and flaking skin. You should exfoliate your skin at least once a week or more depending on its dryness levels. Proper exfoliation can promote skin cell turnover, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. When searching for a scrub, try and find ones with smaller scrubbing particles to be more gentle with removing dead skin.

#4 Use natural skincare products.

 The number of skincare products that claim to be tailored for more mature skin, but are actually packed with harsh chemicals is astonishing. Strong fragrances, toxins, and chemicals can be lurking in many skincare products. When applied to sensitive aging skin, it can really take a negative turn and speed up the aging process along with causing breakouts and weakening the skin further. Reduce your exposure to harmful ingredients by switching to all-natural products. The quality and performance from them can be much more noticeable and help your skin feel and look younger.

#5 Moisturize morning, day, and night.

 As previously mentioned, when the skin matures it loses the ability to retain moisture, making it thirstier than ever, especially during cold months or with dry air. Combat dry skin by applying a thick moisturizer directly after baths, throughout the day, or whenever your skin is feeling parched. Apply the moisturizer with some water still left after a shower on your body to really secure the moisture in your skin cells. A thicker cream can lock in moisture better and keep your mature skin type hydrated for longer. Moisturizing daily can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, return a glowing look to the skin, and a softer feel. 

Cammellatte for Mature Skin

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