5 Tweaks For Your Fall Body Care Routine

The leaves are changing color, and with it comes pumpkin lattes, sweater weather, and a few updates to your body care routine. With the weather changing from humid to dry, your skin is more prone to experiencing irritation and outbreaks of eczema or psoriasis. Even if you had abandoned the idea of using a moisturizer for the summer months, it’s time to reconsider. It can take your skin some time to acclimate to the new weather conditions, but you can give it a bit of a helping hand by following the 5 tweaks for your fall body care routine. 

5 Tweaks For Your Fall Body Care Routine

1. Switch to heavier moisturizers. 

The first thing your skin is going to be missing is moisture. Without proper retention of water in your skin’s epidermis, you’ll notice tight skin, fine lines, and dullness starting to occur. However, if you introduce or switch over to a thicker moisturizer, which will not only increase moisture in your skin but also act as a barrier from the dry, cold air. Finding moisturizers that are rich in emollient and occlusive ingredients is optimal as they will both soften and protect your skin. Camel Milk Body Butter and Camel Milk Body Lotion are great options to turn to. If you haven’t been moisturizing in summer, try the Camel Milk Body Lotion to introduce extra nourishment to your skin. Camel Milk Body Butter is ideal for aging and sensitive skin, as it locks an extra punch of hydration. 

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Cammellatte Camel Milk Body Butter Tub

“I have used the same moisturizer for years and I’m considering a permanent change. I really loved the camel milk body butter. My skin felt so good I couldn’t believe it. My skin was soft and smooth to the touch and the smell was everything! I will be ordering again!!!!!!!!” 

-Tracy H. 

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“Camel Milk Body Lotion has a light, soft and gentle texture which I love, but what's most important to me is long-lasting nourishment and hydration for my dry-prone skin, and this lotion absolutely delivers!! It is highly nourishing and I love that it keeps my skin hydrated for over 24 hours!” -Laura M. 

2. Slow down on exfoliating. 

Although our skin gets drier during these chilly months, and you might experience more dead skin build-up, you should choose wisely between the frequency and type of exfoliator you use. Exfoliating with a physical exfoliator can cause more dryness and irritability, so instead look for exfoliators with more chemical exfoliants. The Camel Milk Exfoliating Shower Cream is our favorite because it uses Lactic Acid in Camel Milk to chemically exfoliate and gently loosen dead skin cells. This shower cream also adds moisture to the skin while exfoliating, with aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut oil. 

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Camel Milk Exfoliating Shower Cream

“Love this product. Makes my face feel soft & clean. Beautifully scented.” 

-Sonia L

3. Avoid ingredients that strip natural oils.

If you haven’t been reading your product's ingredient label already, now might be the time to start. Harsh ingredients in many generic beauty products can wreak havoc on your skin during any season, but especially when the cold weather shows up. Fragrances, synthetic additives, and preservatives irritate sensitive skin and cause inflammation. Instead of letting these harsh ingredients strip the natural oils from your skin that you’ll most definitely need during fall, look for products with natural and skin-loving ingredients. 

4. Use a nourishing cleanser. 

If you’re using a cleanser that leaves your skin feeling tight, squeaky, and dry, it’s probably sucking moisture and oils out of your skin instead of reintroducing them. A quality cleanser should wash away grime, unclog pores, and boost hydration in your skin. We love using the Camel Milk Face & Body Soap to do all those things. Coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil will replenish your skin with minerals, fatty acids, and essential moisture. 

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Camel Milk Face & Body Soap

“I LOVE this soap, I use it on my face and my face feels so smooth, I don't feel like I need any moisturizer!! “ 


5. Keep your baths & showers short. 

After a long chilly day, nothing sounds nicer than running to your shower or bath and soaking in that hot water. But that hot water can cause your skin to lose moisture, and become irritated and dry. Keep your baths and shower short, and aim to keep the water at a comfortably hot temperature to save your skin some trouble.