5 Shower Hacks To Save Your Skin

You might think that the shower is the best place to refresh your skin. You wash away all the gunk from the day and get to restart clean and new. But what you may not be thinking of is everything else that the shower can wash away from your skin. Your skin holds tons of necessary natural oils that protect it, help it to function properly, and affect the look and feel of your skin. While the shower can help in unclogging pores, washing away impurities, and generally refreshing the skin, it also strips away these valuable natural oils that help your skin so much. To give you glowing skin from head to toe, try some of these following 5 shower hacks to save your skin. 

1. Avoid Chemicals & Fragrances

Many of the typical bathing items you can find in an average store, or even your own shower, contain loads of synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, and deterring toxins. By far, these can cause the absolute most damage to your skin. Chemicals in your products can confuse oil production, speed up signs of aging and even throw off your hormone levels. That smell in your favorite body soap is not really added to make your skin smell good, but is used to mask unpleasant odors of other chemicals used, and is most likely synthetic unless otherwise noted. Make the switch to an all-natural option that is more gentle on the skin and transparent about what goes inside, so you know what will be ending up in your body. 

2. Don’t Use Scorching Hot Water

Nothing can top a nice hot, steamy shower. But the damage that the hot water can cause to your skin in the process is just not worth it. Hot showers are one of the main contributors to your natural oils being stripped of the skin. These oils help preserve your skin and fight off signs of aging such as wrinkles. If you shower with that scorching hot water, you will come out of the shower feeling super dry and have to compensate for this with even more moisturizer than necessary afterward. Instead, cold and lukewarm showers are the best options for your skin as they keep the moisture in your skin leveled out, leading to glowing skin as soon as you step out of the shower. 

3. Try Moisturizing In The Shower

This doesn’t mean to literally moisturize in the shower. Dermatologists recommend that you apply your moisturizer right after you hop out of the shower, within 2-3 minutes. The moisture in the air from the shower will better help your skin to stay hydrated and really lock in a whole layer of moisture. By doing this fast, your skin can water retention levels will rise, keeping the moisture in your skin better and for longer. Doing this can also keep your skin plump and glowy. Pat your skin dry after, don’t rub, to avoid losing any product when you get dressed. 

4. Use a Gentle & Moisturizing Soap

Are you familiar with that feeling of your skin being tight and feeling almost squeaky-like? This is the typical soap that is actually very drying and can work against your skin. On average most body soaps strip the oils off your skin without replenishing anything in return. To top it off, they strip the oils of your skin very harshly, leading to irritation, inflammation, and excessive skin dryness. Some of these soaps contain sodium lauryl sulfate which dehydrates the skin. Unlike this squeaky-like feeling you can get from traditional soaps, gentle and moisturizing soaps can distribute minerals, vitamins, and oils back into your skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. 

5. Grab a Lotion to Replace Your Shaving Cream

That shaving cream you have sitting in your shower most likely contains some form of alcohol on the ingredients label. Alcohol is one of the worst things you can put on your skin, especially when shaving. While it may help in killing germs and bacteria, the alcohol is drying out your skin excessively, killing off the good germs and bacteria in the process too. So move that shaving cream aside, and let a good lotion take over. A lotion has an ideal consistency for shaving and creates a protective barrier between your skin and the razor blade when applied correctly. Best of all, it kills two birds with one stone, in which you’ll get smooth and soft skin, all in one go. 

Cammellatte Shower Hacks

Cammellatte products are free of all chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and toxins, leaving all the bad out and keeping all the good in for your skin.
Our Camel Milk Body Lotion can multitask as more than just a lotion, and some have loved using it in place of their shaving cream. Simply apply a thin layer, and the key is NOT to rub it in, which is what creates that barrier between your skin and the blade. Once you finish shaving, you can then rub in the rest of the lotion, or if you’re looking for an extreme hydration pack, try our Camel Milk Body Butter once you step out of the shower. Our natural fragrance won’t strip your skin of any oils, but will instead nourish it further. Our Camel Milk Hand Cream is ideal to apply once you exit the shower, as your hands have experienced the most stripping of oils while washing the rest of your body clean. The hand cream will refresh your soft skin, and restore all the lost minerals and vitamins that are necessary for strong and long nails. The Camel Milk Foot Cream will work even better if applied after exfoliating the feet in the shower, allowing for the product to sink into the newest layer of the skin. Ideally, you can’t have a proper shower routine without a Cammellatte product providing all the nutrition to support healthy, youthful, glowing skin.