4 Year Round Foot-Care Tips To Follow

Since your feet are typically hidden away in a pair of shoes, you may overlook the needs they have. They require care, hydration, cleansing, and a vast majority more. In order to keep your whole body moving, you’ll need to care for your feet properly to make sure they are doing their job. Using these tips, one step at a time, you can see your feet health and appearance change drastically and for the better. 

1. Choose the proper footwear

As Cinderella would say, it’s the fit that counts. Finding a shoe that fits your feet properly is what will keep it protected and in its proper arch. Not only can an incorrect shoe size cause foot pain, but it can also lead to your feet producing more sweat. This is where the fabric of the shoe can take play in keeping your feet healthy. Some fabrics are able to keep your feet properly ventilated while others keep them confined and suffocated. A breathable fabric with a not too tight fit would be ideal in your feet functioning and feeling best.  

2. Don’t neglect your feet in Winter

Although winter is the time for closed shoe season, this doesn't mean you can just stuff your feet away and forget about the issues they may have. While you may be used to wearing boots that keep cold and wet away from your feet, your feet may still get wet from weather factors or from excessive sweating. This can cause fungal and bacterial infections. The cold air can lead to cracks in your heels and overall dryness, causing painful calluses. Aim to keep your feet dry and clean whenever possible to avoid the winter harshness. 

3. Wash, Exfoliate, Moisturize DAILY

No matter the season, keeping the feet clean and hydrated is the best possible route to take to avoid the drastic problems that could arise. Start by cleaning your feet with a gentle soap. We suggest the Camel Milk Soap to nourish and cleanse with vitamins and minerals to strengthen the feet's skin. Clean under the toenails, in between the toes, and under the feet. Next you’ll want to exfoliate the dry skin with a physical exfoliant. The Camel Milk Exfoliating Shower Cream removes dead skin with apricot seed and almond shell powders. Lastly is to finish up with a powerful moisturizer, like the Camel Milk Foot Cream. This lotion will help in maintaining your foot's natural oils in balance while aiding in preventing bad bacteria growth. 

4. Massage the feet to promote circulation and ease pains

Massaging the feet can aid in relaxation and relief of muscle aches from using your feet throughout the day. Giving or receiving a foot massage can be just what someone may need to unwind for the day. It’s simple to either give one to yourself or to your partner and can help soreness dissipate. Start by grabbing a lotion that is tailored for the feet, we recommend our Camel Milk Foot Cream as it has tea tree oil and will give a nice cooling effect to the feet. With the thumbs, work your way up and down the foot, from the heel to the top of the arch, right underneath the toes. 

How Are People Loving the Camel Milk Foot Cream in Their Routine?

“Works better than anything I have used before. My feet were extremely dry and now they are baby soft. Simply amazing.” -Mary W.
“This cream is rich but not greasy with a fresh, natural, refreshing herbal scent. I am using it daily and the dry, rough skin on my feet and toes is getting softer and my feet feel much better.” -Patricia L.
“This cream is the best. Perfect to end a hectic work day on my feet all day!! It smells fresh and works wonders on my cracked heels.” -Kathrine G.
“I use the Camel Milk Foot Cream daily before bed - my feet feel moisturized and energized! Love it!” -Anne R.
Camel Milk Foot Cream is made with only natural ingredients and is the best foot cream for softening and moisturizing dry, cracked heels and calluses. The rich, invigorating cream soothes, softens and protects dry, rough feet. It will refresh your feet at the end of a long day, while giving a cooling sensation due to tea tree oil, providing intensive comfort and promoting skin renewal. Anti-fungal properties in Camel Milk help in fighting off infection and Calendula Flower Oil promotes healing of cracked skin. For a limited time, you can grab it in a 3-pack Foot Care Bundle to stock up for all seasons and save extra to get your foot care routine started on the right foot.