4 Tips: Preventing and Treating Dry Winter Hands

The winter season brings a lot of changes. Colder weather, holiday cheer, and dry winter skin. Most affected by the weather changes is your hand’s skin, where it can get rougher, chapped, and even painful to many. Unfortunately, many skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis also flare up due to colder weather, leaving dry hands susceptible to weak skin. From washing and sanitizing to doing countless tasks, your hands are always working and need some extra care and attention. Follow these 4 simple tips to help in preventing and treating dry winter hands. 

Tip 1: Use a moisturizing soap

Typical soaps can be one of your arch-nemesis when trying to treat dry hands. The fake fragrances and harsh cleansing ingredients can strip your hands even further of the moisture they so deeply need. Moisturizing soaps can save the day with ultra-nourishing oils that will keep your dry hands feeling soft after a good wash. Ingredients like glycerin and lanolin are going to be heroes for your dry hands by sealing in moisture and providing soothing effects. 
A perfect soap to try for your dry hands is the Camel Milk Face & Body Soap. With ingredients like glycerin, camel milk, coconut oil, avocado oil, and a natural fragrance, this soap will gently clean the skin and revitalize it with a boost of vitamins and minerals. Apart from cleansing gently, this soap will also moisturize and calm sensitive dry hands, leaving dry hands nourished, hydrated, clean, and baby soft. 
This is a game-changer, I super super love it. Highly recommend. Soft, dewy, glowing skin!” -Brenda B. 

Tip 2: Wash hands in lukewarm water

With outside temperatures dropping, we’re more prone to turning up the water heat. While it may feel good to get some minimal escape from cold weather, hot water is quite harsh on the skin. This hot water is going to wash away the healthy skin oils that not only keep your dry hands soft, but also protects them. You should be using lukewarm or cool water to maintain your skin barriers strength and keep as much moisture in your dry hands as possible. 

Tip 3: Exfoliate the dead skin

The dead skin can build up fast on your dry hands, leaving them weak and unable to properly absorb any moisture. Gentle exfoliating this dead skin away can reveal new soft skin and allows for any product you put on your dry hands to fully sink in and do its magic. You won’t want to use any harsh exfoliants that can possibly create micro-tears in your dry hands that can worsen and become painful. 
The Camel Milk Exfoliating Shower Cream contains crushed almond shells and apricot kernels that are so fine, they won’t be aggressive on your skin. Alpha-hydroxy-acids in Camel’s Milk chemically exfoliate dry hands and are safe for sensitive skin. After removing the dead skin, other ingredients like green tea oil, calendula oil, and coconut oil help to heal and moisturize dry damaged hands. 
“I am so glad I purchased the exfoliating shower cream. What I liked the most was how soft and supple my skin was after using it just once. It was easy to apply and rinsed off quickly.” -Elizabeth 

Tip 4: Choose a thick moisturizer

Anytime your hands are washed, used, or feeling dry, you need to follow up with a quality moisturizer. The thicker and heavier the moisturizer is, the better your dry hands will feel. Finding a moisturizer with both humectants and emollients is key, where the humectants will draw in moisture from your environment to your dry hands, and emollients will bind the moisture into your skin. Keep your chosen moisturizer with you wherever you go, and apply multiple times a day, starting with fresh out of bed and ending with preparing for bed. 
The Camel Milk Hand Cream works wonders for dry winter hands. The lactic acid in Camel’s Milk works as a humectant, helping increase skin's production of ceramides resulting in plumper, glowing hands. Jojoba oil and the lanolin in Camel’s Milk work as emollients, locking in the moisture, keeping the skin hydrated for longer periods of time. Shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera all work to soothe and protect damaged dry hands and strengthen the nails and cuticles. 
I love this product! I get extremely dry cracked hands during the winter times, this cream fixed my issue in a day! Amazing product and highly recommend. All-natural which is a big plus.” -Olya S.
You can start your new winter handcare routine with our speciality Hand Love Bundle. This bundle contains our Camel Milk Face & Body Soap and Camel Milk Hand Cream. You can wash your hands with the soap and cleanse away any impurities while providing nourishment. Follow up with the hand cream to lock in moisture and soften dry hard skin. Keep the hand cream in your bag and take it wherever you go to reapply as necessary.