Why is scent so important?

At Cammellatte, we're all about keeping things real and making sure our body care products not only feel good on your skin but also bring a smile to your face every time you catch a whiff of it. We wanted to create a scent that wasn’t just nice but something you’d actually look forward to every day. You know, the kind of smell that makes you pause, close your eyes, and just breathe it in because it’s that good.

When we first started brainstorming the perfect scents for our products, we hit up all the local markets, sniffing around for something that felt right. But it was like everywhere we turned, the scents were too much—too strong, too in-your-face, and it felt like they were trying to cover up the natural vibes we were going for.

We got inspired by something Kathleen Hou said in The Cut, about how the best scents are like personal memories you carry around, reminding you of the people and places you love. That hit home for us. We wanted our scents to be something personal, something that could fit right into your day without feeling out of place.

So, we played around with the idea of layering scents, kind of like how a great outfit comes together. It's all about mixing those top, base, and heart notes so that using our products feels like going on a little scent journey. Think about the smell of laundry fresh out of the dryer—how it’s all warm and cozy and just makes you feel good. That’s the vibe we were aiming for.

Take our Camel Milk Body Butter, for example. It starts off with this fresh burst of fruity-floral notes that wake you up and make you pay attention. But then, as it sinks into your skin, it settles into this earthy, woody vibe that’s comforting and grounding. It’s strong enough to stick around, meaning you could skip the perfume and just let this be your fragrance for the day.

We really wanted to make something that wasn’t just another product on your shelf but a little moment of joy in your routine, something that makes you feel good every time you use it. That’s what Cammellatte is all about - bringing those small, happy moments into your everyday life.