Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine: 3 Tips

The months of bundling up, layers of heavy moisturizer, and freezing temperatures are up, and it’s that time of the year to spring clean your beauty routine. The changes in temperatures, humidity, and UV exposure calls for a few minor changes to be made to keep your skin microbiome functioning at its best. We’ve put together 3 spring bodycare tips to keep your skin radiant and vibrant for this season.

3 Tips to 

Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine 


1. Begin an Exfoliation Routine

Over winter your skin becomes dull from excessive dryness and harsh winter temperatures, so there’s no better time than spring to incorporate an exfoliation routine to refresh the spring skin. Exfoliating the skin can remove dead skin cells that have accumulated, unclog pores, and refines the complexion. Using both a chemical exfoliant and physical exfoliant can result in even-looking skin with their aid in encouraging skin cell turnover. 
Camel Milk Exfoliating Shower Cream contains both physical and chemical exfoliants to exfoliate delicate skin. This exfoliant will buff away the skin's surface using crushed apricot shells and almond seeds, while working deeper to unclog pores with AHA’s in camel milk. Instant results will be delivered of smoother, more nourished skin, and long-term results of reducing discoloration and skin sagging. Scrub it on your body from head to toe while in the shower, focusing on thicker skin areas such as knees and elbows, and rinse off thoroughly. 

2. Try a lightweight moisturizer

Although you may be used to applying a thick intensive moisturizer during winter to provide your skin with as much hydration as possible, increasing humidity levels in spring can keep your dry skin in spring from needing this any longer. During spring your skin can start producing more oils and can face easily clogged pores if you continue using your thick creams. Choose a lighter moisturizer to help your spring skin breathe and not feel weighed down. 
A non-greasy and everyday lightweight option to use is the Camel Milk Body Lotion. It instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving it feeling moisturized and silky.  The lotion contains ingredients like olive oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba seed oil that soften the skin and can aid in maintaining the moisture levels in the skin without being oily. 

3. Double Cleanse your Skin

As the temperature starts to climb, your body naturally produces more sweat and intakes humidity from your surrounding environment. Double cleansing the skin can remove these impurities and leave you pores open and able to absorb more of other products you apply post shower. 
You can easily start double cleansing your skin by first using the Camel Milk Face & Body Soap. It easily lathers and glides on smoothly to gently clean while moisturizing the skin. Use the Camel Milk Exfoliating Shower Cream as your second step cleanser. This cream is rich in oils and physical exfoliants to thoroughly cleanse the skins layers and remove any grime. You’ll be left feeling smooth and smelling incredible with our signature scent in both of these products.