JOIN US in Helping the People in Ukraine🇺🇦

The month of March is International Women’s Month! This is a month to celebrate every single woman and to acknowledge the tremendous amount of work she accomplishes every day. Being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a colleague, influencing culture, politics, economics and much more. 

At Cammellatte we would like to dedicate this March 2022 to women in Ukraine as our co-founder Viktoria is directly linked to the country. 

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Viktoria was born in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Kiev is a very modern European-style city with a population of 3 million. It is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, dating back to the 5th century. It is a diverse city with a large young population that wishes for a life of freedom and opportunity.

“I remember the springtime in Kiev, walking through the main street of Khreshchtyk with all the beautiful buildings, everywhere big chestnut trees with red and white blossoms, sounds and smells of a vibrant city. I remember looking at the Dnieper River and thinking how big and majestic it is. I remember going to a Lunapark and seeing the city from the ferris wheel and all its beautiful churches with golden domes, glittering in the sun.” - Viktoria remembers. 

Kiev Church Green City Ukraine

When Viktoria was a teenager she immigrated to Germany with her parents where she later met her American husband Marc, with whom she started Cammellatte. The current war is deeply disturbing for everybody. As Viktoria is watching the pictures of places she knows and loves being senselessly destroyed, and people fleeing from their homes, she is feeling heartbroken and wants to help women and children caught in this war. 

Therefore, Cammellatte will donate 10% of all sales to the “Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund” by Save the Children Organization through the end of the month.

Please help us help women and children who are in great need now. And please spread the message! Thank you!