Is Your Dry Skin Causing Wrinkles? | 3 Preventative Tips

Every person is faced with the genetic pool of dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin. Fortunately, if you were gifted with oily skin, studies show you are more likely to age more gracefully, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles forming over time. On the other end of the spectrum are those with dry skin, who may find their skin to show wrinkles more assertively as they age through the years. The question at hand, is your dry skin causing wrinkles? The simple answer is no. Dry skin does not cause wrinkles, but it rather amplifies and exaggerates them, leading to skin looking more aged in consequence. 

What Causes Wrinkles?

While many believe that the main cause of wrinkles is based on genetics, the truth is that most wrinkles form because of environmental stressors. UV damage is one of the main, more damaging stressor for your skin, where long exposure and improper protection can lead to breakdown of collagen and loss of elasticity. Runner-up for most wrinkle inducing is pollution, coming in the form of ​​smoke, smog, pollen, particulate matter, by-products of produced items, and radiation. Pollution can break down the skin’s ability to produce collagen, and smog strips the topmost layer of skin from an essential healthy skin component, Vitamin E. Air pollutants can interfere with normal functions of the skin from lipids, collagen, and proteins from oxidative damage. 

Dry Skin’s Effect On Aging Skin & Wrinkles

As a person with dry skin, your smile lines, frown lines, and any dramatic facial expressions are in some ways going to be etched into your skin. Typically, dry skin is much thinner than oily skin, unable to produce as much sebum, the oils that keep our skin hydrated. You can think about this similar to an apple, where when its ripe it’s full of juice and is nice and plump, smooth, and vibrant with color. Leave the same apple outside in the sun, and within a few days it starts to dry up, loosing its moisture, shrinking, and wrinkling, even loosing some of it’s color. While dry skin doesn’t directly cause your wrinkles to form, it plays a huge role in how your wrinkles look and develop over time. 

3 Preventative Tips Against Wrinkles

1. Use a High-Quality Moisturizer Packed with Antioxidants

Not any moisturizer is going to cut it if you are trying to prevent the signs of aging on your skin. Moisturizers with artificial fragrances and toxins are going to do more damage for your skin than good. Try and find a moisturizer that is powered with antioxidants, to help in restoring, replenishing, and nourishing your skin. Antioxidants can help in fighting off environmental damage, and are even more dynamic when paired with other healthy ingredients. A thicker consistency will do better for your skin as compared to a thinner formula, as it can really sink into all the crevices and lines and bring a long-lasting plump and hydration to the skin. 

2. Protect Yourself from Environmental Stressors

Sunscreen, covering clothing, avoiding smoke, and other precautions can be taken by you in order to avoid pro-longed exposure and risk to environmental factors. Always make sure you are wearing clothing that is covering as much of your skin as possible while still being comfortable, and apply sunscreen to any remaining skin. Use a gentle cleanser in your skincare routine to wash out any pollutants that may have traveled into your pores, and follow up with a nice moisturizer to restore lost vitamins and minerals from UV rays. 

3. Limit Your Time in the Shower

A shower a day keeps the dry skin at bay. Showers may be the favorite part of your daily ritual, where some people like to shower 2 times a day, and spend long periods of time singing, thinking, or just enjoying a moment of peace. If you already struggle with dry skin, keep your shower schedule to one a day, and minimize the time you spend in the shower to be between 10-15 minutes. Always follow up with a quality moisturizer directly after you exit the shower, to lock in any moisture on your damp skin. Showering too often or too long will actually dry your skin out further because most soaps strip the skin of its oils and are harsh on your skin. 

Cammellatte for Dry, Aging Skin

A few simple changes to your daily routine can make such a difference in the way your skin ages, starting with what you choose to put on it. The Cammellatte Collection is packed with antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and so many other nourishing ingredients that can improve the function and feel of your skin. Camel Milk is a powerful ingredient against signs of aging and dry skin with its strong moisturizing properties containing lanolin and fatty acids that sink deep into the skin to help restore moisture. The high amount of Vitamin C make it a strong antioxidant to fight off UV damage and other environmental stressors. Active collagens in camel milk help reduce and prevent appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A cosmological study found it to have anti-aging friendly properties that make skin tissue look and feel more youthful. 
The Camel Milk Face & Body Soap is the perfect gentle cleanser that not only clarifies your skin, but moisturizes it as well. Your skin will feel moisturized, refreshed, and smell so so good!  If you have excessively dry skin, or are looking for some extra hydration, try the Camel Milk Body Butter, a luxurious ultra-thick cream that absorbs quickly into your skin. It is concentrated with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-aging properties to nourish, soften and deeply moisturize your skin. Camel Milk Hand Cream can help prevent wrinkly hands, with its formulation of Vitamin E that has a protective effect against UV rays. Watch your skin fill back with life with Camel Milk Cosmetics.