Benefits Of Facial Exfoliators & How To Use Them In The Right Way

Have you discovered the magic of exfoliation in your skincare regimen yet? If the answer is no, you might be overlooking a treasure trove of benefits your skin could relish.

A well-rounded skincare ritual is a mix of multiple steps, with the inclusion of a facial scrub being paramount. Not just removing deep-set impurities, a facial scrub can get you glowing skin too.

What Does A Face Scrub Do For Your Face?

Facial scrubs contain little particles that work wonders for exfoliating your skin. When you put on a face scrub, these particles gently buff your skin, sweeping away all the grime trapped in your pores. Not only that, but they also remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling super smooth and soft. Using a quality facial scrub in your weekly skincare mix will help you to achieve radiant, healthy skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Face Exfoliator?

1. Removes Dead Skin Cells

The numero one benefit of using a facial scrub is the removal of dead skin cells from your face. These culprits are what give your face that dry, lifeless look and are the main suspects in clogging up your pores. With a good scrub-down from a facial exfoliant, you will get rid of dead skin cells and achieve a fresh, vibrant complexion.

2. Unclogs Pores

Your body produces a natural oil known as sebum to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. But sometimes there can be too much of it. Overproduction of sebum can lead to it settling into your skin pores, clogging them up and setting the stage for unwelcome acne breakouts. Here's where exfoliation is very important as it gets rid of the excess sebum giving your skin pores a much-needed unclogging.

3. Removes Flaky Skin

Ever spotted those dry, rough patches on your skin? Those little flakes can make your skin look very dry and they're a sign that your skin isn't very happy. A good scrub can slough off these flakes, leaving your skin feeling and looking smoother.

4. Reduces Acne Scars

Facial scrubs aren't just about making you glow, they also help 'fade out' acne scars and dark patches. As you scrub away, you're not just removing dead and damaged skin cells, but also setting the stage for new, fresh skin. This way dark patches and scars become lighter in shade. Opt for a scrub packed with natural skin-brightening ingredients as they are known to have better effects. 

Camel Milk Regenerating Face Exfoliator with Moringa 

The Camel Milk Exfoliator is not just an exfoliator - it's a combination of natural super effective ingredients that will transform your skin. 

1. How it removes dead skin cells: The finely ground Sweet Almond Shell Powder and Apricot Seed Powder provide gentle yet effective exfoliation, removing old skin cells, while the nutrient-rich Camel Milk swoops in with natural alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) to slough off dead cells, making your skin look fresh and radiant.

2. How it unclogs pores: Thanks to the combined magic of Witch Hazel Extract and Moringa Powder, you can say goodbye to blocked pores. These ingredients break down excessive oil (sebum) and grime that often lead to breakouts. Add to that the deep-cleansing power of Jojoba Oil, and you've got yourself a potent, pore-clearing trio.

3. How it removes flaky skin: The hydration heroes are Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil. These moisturizing ingredients lock in hydration, ward off dryness and leave your skin feeling as smooth as silk. It's like treating your skin to a refreshing drink, helping to smooth away any flaky patches.

4. How it reduces acne scars: Rose Geranium Oil and Calendula Oil work in harmony to reduce the appearance of acne scars. These nature's gems help rejuvenate your skin and promote healing, reducing inflammation, and fading dark spots. Lemon Peel Oil steps in with a burst of Vitamin C, helping to brighten the complexion, while Green Tea Oil provides antioxidants to aid in skin repair and renewal, helping to achieve smoother, clearer skin.