The Best Smelling Natural Body Care Products: Finding Our Signature Scent

We always wanted our natural body care products to have the best smelling scent, a smell that people would look forward to every day. A smell that one could never get tired of, but simply indulge in the simple moment when one comes across it. When we first started looking into the options for the best smells for our body care products, we visited our local markets in hopes to find something we felt connected to. Yet, everywhere we went, it seemed that the smells were all so strong, overwhelming, taking away from the experience of the natural product itself.

"In an ideal world, a signature scent serves as a personal scent memory to cherished friends and loved ones." Kathleen Hou-The cut

We wanted something unique, to fit into anyone’s daily routine.

This is where we developed our idea for the scents, basing it off of the top, base, and underlying notes. By giving this layering effect to our scents, our users can go through multiple emotions when applying the product to their skin.

Freshly laundered stack of knitted scarfs

Are you ever tired of the smell of fresh laundry coming out of the drying machine? This type of smell is something everyone is familiar with. The calm and clean refreshing scent of all those dirty clothes from throughout the week being transformed into new wearable pieces. That initial smell that hits you, wakes up your senses, makes you feel new and excited, while when putting on these clean clothes, there is still that underlying tone of freshness that you feel comfortable embracing.

Camel Milk Natural Body Care Products Co-Founder Viktoria Green at an apothecary shop

This is where our scents come into play. With our best smelling body lotion and best smelling body butter, the oils used initially give off a very light and fruity fragrance, in order to wake up your senses and skin when first applying after a fresh shower. However, once you allow the products to do its magic and absorb its benefits into the skin, it leaves you with very earthy, woody tones. The oils we use include grapefruit, sweet almond, jojoba seed oil, and multiple other natural oils. When combined, the initial scent of our creams is one to enlighten the senses, while after settling in, you will feel refreshed and comforted. The smell in our body care products does not overpower the beauty in the simplicity of the natural ingredients we use. Instead, it combines the natural essence with the freshness of the time of use, to give our users the most luxurious and calming experience, that they can take part in every day.

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